Ch. eMac's Scrumdidilyumptious RN, CGC, TKN

Health Tests:

OFA Trachea - Normal- BU-TRH444
OFA Patella - Normal - BU-PA1160
OFA Cardiac - Normal - BU-CA1477
OFA Thyroid - Normal - BU-TH436
HUU Clear N/N - NCD31240
Birthdate: May 20, 2013

Gus finished his championship with both of his majors from breeder judges. He started off his show career with a Best in Sweeps at the Bulldog Club of Connecticut specialty when he was 10 months old. He recieved his first major win at the Long Island Bulldog Club under Judge Jan Lewis. He also took reserve that same weekend under Judge John Richardson. His second major came from Judge Linda Fiordiliso. He finished his championship in style going Best of Breed from the classes. Gus picked up all but 2 of his points from the Bred-by class, the first 2 were from the puppy class.

Gus is proven and his first litter should be hitting the show ring sometime in early 2019. Pictures of his puppies to come...

If you are interested in using Gus at stud, please email me for more information. We are located in Connecticut.

Ch. eMac's Scrumdidilyumptious RN, CGC, TKN


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

GCh. Dowat's Decisive Double Down

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA681
OFA Patella - BU-PA511
OFA Trachea - BU-TRH85
OFA Thyroid - BU-TH127
OFA Hips - BU-162F29M
OFA Elbow - BU-EL92M29
HUU - Clear

Ch. Dowat's the Contender

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA111

Ch. Imperious No Fear

Ch. Imperious Fearless of Risk

Ch. Imperious Risky Business

Imperious Polka Dot Rose

Bullwick Alice of Darrowby

Ch. Jaylou's Major Max

Burrec Darrowby Dear Gussy

Ch. Dowats Sabos Calamity Jane

Ch. Little Ponds Osage Ollie

Ch. Milcoats Titus

Ch. Ossage Reddy or Not

Dowats I'm More than All That

Ch. Lucky's Seven Come Eleven of Kenzan

Sabo's Do wat Lacey

Dowats Summers End

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA1032
OFA Patella - BU-PA834
OFA Trachea - BU-TRH214

Ch. River City's Poetic Justice

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA682
OFA Patella - BU-PA512
OFA Thyroid - BU-TH126
OFA Hips - BU-150 Fair

Ch. River City's Jackpot of Glendar

Ch. Little Ponds Chief

Ch. Glendar's Legend Diamond

Ch. River City's Brandy

Ch. Beauties Amos

Phenix's Lexi

Sistlers Splish Splash

Ch. Dowat's the Contender

Ch. Imperious No Fear

Ch. Dowats Sabos Calamity Jane

Ch. Sistler's English Dream

Heatherleigh Man of Confidence

Ch. Fulbren Cover Girl

eMac's Flirting with Disaster

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA866
OFA Patella - BU-PA669
OFA Thyroid - BU-TH177

Kbam's Mighty Monty Python
(major pointed)

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA35
OFA Hips - BU87 Fair

Jaylou's Perry

Ch. Jaylou's Rubinstein

Jaylou's Masquerader

Jaylou's Sea Breeze

Jaylou's Major Abby

Ch. Jaylou's Major Major

Mack's My Girl Bill

Hardings Imperious Annabelle

Ch. Imperious Risky Business

Ch. Cedar Lanes Fleetwood Mack

Ch. Snugabulls Pride & Joy

Bullwick Alice of Darrowby

Ch. Jaylou's Major Max

Burrec Darrowby Dear Gussy

Winsome eMac's Mystic Mayhem, CGC

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA189
OFA Patella - BU-PA86

Ch. Bowie State of Bulldog U

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA348

Ch. Glendars Dylan

Ch. Beauties Amos

Ch. Glendars She's A Beauty

Ch. Redlands State of Bulldogs Univ

Ch. McPherson of Bulldog Univ.

Ch. Tenured's Barat St. of Bulldog U.

Ch. Little Ponds Mystic Marigold

Health Screenings:
OFA Cardiac - BU-CA80
OFA Patella - BU-PA38
OFA Thyroid - BU-TH25

Ch. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy

Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus

Cherokee Legend Beatrice

Ch. Helfyre Little Ponds Promise

Ch. Little Ponds Chief

Ch. Helfyre-Lebo's Grace Poupon