All the dogs here at eMac Bulldogs are raised as holistically as possible. This means they are all eating a RAWfood diet and have minimal exposure to chemicals like flea/tick and worming medications. Only natural cleaning products are used in the house & no chemicals are ever put in the yard. By limiting their exposure to chemicals and feeding a RAWfood diet, it is my hope that this will make for healthier and happier future generations.

All puppies are weaned onto a RAWfood diet and new puppy owners are given a mealplan and all the information needed to make feeding their new Bulldog EASY! Feeding raw is not difficult, there are many companies that make good quality, ground mixes OR you can do it yourself. The food does not need to be ground, as you can see by the pictures below.

monty eating pork ribs

maycee eating a whole chicken

Puppies eating raw chicken legs

Over time I will be updating this page with personal information & experience, but for right now it is a page in progress.

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          that's Monty on the cover!!


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